Postfix relaying Amazon SES in a Beanstalk PHP application

I’ve been working alot with a customers setup with originally a local sendmail server on Amazon Linux server. This turned out to not work as intended. I have setup a Ubuntu machine with Exim4 relaying Amazon SES for another customer, but unfortunately Amazon Linux doesn’t provide any packages for Exim4, […]

Backing up your VMware Workstation VM’s

This describes a quite simple way of backing up your VMware Workstation Virtual Machines on Linux. The script uses VMware’s own binaries vmrun to pause the machine, take a snapshot start the machine again. You define where to store the backup files in the variables on top. View the code […]

Guide to install Arch Linux

I just began making a new Arch Linux installation, and wrote down the procedure so far. It’s not yet completed, and need some final adjustments. Because I’m Swedish, there are a few comments regarding how to get Swedish keyboard. [sourcecode language=”bash”] # Installation of Arch linux basic system # with […]

Bash script to unrar files to specific folder

I had a problem with files being compressed with rar where stored on my filesystem. I wanted to automatize the uncompressing of those files and put them in a specific folder. I also wanted to have this done every X hours, so I added the bash script into my crontab. The basic setup […]