Flexget cookbook with Trakt, Deluge and Pushbullet

I’ve been using flexget for quite some time now, but have not shared my config-file. Since I started to use flexget, I’ve also started to keep track of what I watch on trakt.tv, which is a wonderful service. So when flexget know what I want to watch, and download. It […]

Use fbcmd and bash to publish on your Facebook wall

I’m not very active on Facebook, just writing a little now and then. So I wanted to auto-publish something randomly on my wall just for fun. I had a wordlist of Swedish words laying around for other fun purposes. Why not just pick a word from that list, and pick […]

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling based on CPUCreditBalance for the t2-instances

The fairly new instance-type t2 in Amazon has some really nice features. The instance earn CPU credits while they run below their base performance, i.e. 10% for t2.micro, 20% for t2.small and 40% for t2.medium. With that said. If you have instances that runs rather heavy day time, and has […]

Teach SpamAssassin from Junk and Inbox Maildir folders

I just run a small mail server for internal usage, but I wanted to test out with learning SpamAssasin some spam that I receive. Here is my simple setup, I’m sure there are other ways to do it, but this is easy and fast to setup. I use a MySQL […]

Autostart VMware Workstation Virtual Machines

Firstly, put VMware Workstation on autostart, and then use this small bash script to autostart your machines. The script will parse your inventory file usually located in ~/.vmware/. It includes your config and paths to the .vmx-file that the script will use to start up the machine. So change the […]

Remove finished torrents using uTorrent’s api

I quickly wrote a small script to manage my torrents on my Windows seedbox that use uTorrent. The reason for this script is that I frequently had to manually login to the server and delete the torrents, or using the webui. That’s quite boring, so writing a small bash script […]

Pushbullet announcement with simple bash script

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post here. I’ve been busy with other things at home, and been busy at work. But I recently made a small script that I use in the Execute plugin for Deluge. The script will execute once a torrent has finished in […]

Compiling Openresty with ngx_cache_purge for Nginx on Ubuntu

I wanted to add some extra modules to my Nginx server. When using Nginx cache with WordPress, it get quite boring to login on your server and manually delete cache after updating a post or blog entry. So the Nginx cache would come in handy. I have before compiled Nginx […]

Create torrent automatically and upload it to your favorite tracker

The script is quite self explanatory, but basically it will search for rar files in a given folder. When it finds one it checks if that release has already been processed by checking the output folder. When there is a release found that’s not been processed, it checks that nfo […]