Clean and Scan your Kodi VideoLibrary

I havn’t had much time or any reason to make anything at my little home-lab for a while. But I wanted to share and document a very handy little script, which utilizes jq to produce .a JSON string that can be used in a curl request. Jq is very handy […]

Update configuration file based on dynamic ip address

I’ve had a IPsec VPN server for a while now. But I havn’t bothered to get the configuration automatically updated when my dynamic ip address changes. This doesn’t change very often, but if my router reboots or if there is a power outage my ip address usually changes when my […]

Encrypt backup files with OpenSSL

I’ve come up with the idea of saving ESXi backups on off-site locations. But before saving full VM backups in the cloud for example, I want the files to be encrypted so nobody else can use or see them. The easiest way of encrypting would be to use the well […]

Dynamically update DNS entries via API calls

I’d just wanted to post and put this script into my archive. This bash script is straight forward and will fetch my current external ip address and compare it to the DNS entry that’s currently present. There’s also a little bit of security, the addresses must validate. This ensures that […]

Cache testing with curl and grep

Just wrote a quick shell script to test web server cache and background updating by displaying header output from curl. Don’t have time to write a description here, just having the script for reference. [sourcecode language=”bash”] #!/bin/bash # # 2016-05-06 20:22:35 # # # Test cache functionality # usage(){ […]

VMware ESXi backup with ghettoVCB

I have just recently switched my home-server into a new setup, which is using VMware ESXi with the free license. My old one was a Arch Linux desktop with VMware Workstation installed on it. The backup process is somewhat different now. Maybe you’ve read my post about backing up VMware […]

Using Elastic Beanstalk with Docker

I just want to write my thoughts off my mind, regarding continuous integration, AWS and Docker. I’ve used Beanstalk for a long time, and before have used the PHP application versions. Those are good if you want to use PHP and Apache, but customizing the Amazon images are tedious, and […]

Simple load testing with Siege fed with url list

So, I wanted to use a simple way of load testing my caching in Nginx. I went on with Siege, and it’s brilliant for easy and fast load testing a web page. Instead of writing down all the urls that I wanted to feed Siege with, I created a small […]

Passing Beanstalk software environmental variables to a Docker container

So, been trying out Docker in Amazon Beanstalk for a while now. It’s pretty neat, and makes it easier to install what you really want. Setting environmental variables in Beanstalk is very helpful when using the same source repository for different environments. Let’s say you have a test, staging and […]

Extract rar-archives in their folder

I’ve recently began to use Plex more than the XBMC/Kodi server. And the most irritating thing with Plex is that it can’t handle video files inside compressed archives. I need automatic extraction of recently added movies/tv shows. I have the movies and tv shows in separate root-folders, so the script […]