Create torrent automatically and upload it to your favorite tracker

The script is quite self explanatory, but basically it will search for rar files in a given folder. When it finds one it checks if that release has already been processed by checking the output folder. When there is a release found that’s not been processed, it checks that nfo and sfv exists then copy the folder to output folder and creates a torrent-file with transmission-create. If the torrent file was successfully created, using curl to upload it to a website with form-upload and cookie user authentication.
I’ve tested the script, and it’s working on the tracker I developed the script for. Modifications to the script would be necessary to work with your favorite tracker.

This script requires a NFO stripper, I’m using a Perl script here, but they have a online solution also. If using the online version, some modifications needs to be done.
If your tracker doesn’t require a NFO, or doesn’t need to be modified, just skip the nfo-stripper part and put the whole NFO text into the variable.